Support for Asylum Seekers during the COVID-19 crisis (Grant: $20,000)

The Asylum Seekers Centre is based in Newtown in Sydney and they provide practical and personal support for people living in the community who are seeking asylum. The Asylum Seekers Centre provides the following:

Connects people to support and services: Their services include accommodation, legal advice, financial relief, health care, employment assistance, education, food, material aid and recreational activities.

Engages community: The ASC builds and harnesses the good will in the community towards people seeking asylum. They create opportunities for people to provide practical support as well as to advocate for political change.

Influences policy and legal change: They draw on the direct daily experience of people seeking asylum to develop and promote campaigns to improve public laws and policies, working with other services to bring about needed change.

This grant will support the Centre to provide aid to Asylum Seekers at this time.