Centre for Social Impact, University of NSW

Amplify Project – Ageing and Aged Care in Australia

(Stage 1)

With the number of Australians over the age of 65 expected to more than double by 2055, Royal Commission issues, challenges understanding what’s working for who and when, we need to determine the levers for change and collectively work to support positive ageing and aged care. There is an opportunity to take a collective leadership approach to: 1) uplift the evidence-base in ageing well; 2) enable and support the Ageing Sector to think more systemically, determining levers for change; and 3) Improve measurement of ageing well outcomes to ultimately amplify our social impact for the people we serve, now and into the future.

If we could do one thing to improve ageing well, what would it be? To answer this question, we need to understand the problems, drivers and levers for change, as well as what’s working for who and when. Although there is significant research on ageing in Australia and internationally, we do not have an academically rigorous, yet industry-accessible research report which summaries ‘What Works’ and the key levers for change.

The Centre for Social Impact at the University of NSW will develop an Amplify Insights Report: Ageing Well, in collaboration with academic experts, industry practitioners and incorporating lived experience, to extend and uplift the knowledge base.

The report will examine the problems, drivers and levers for change to help the community better understand the extent of the social issue/opportunity and evidence of what works. To assist in the development of this work CSI will conduct a one-day workshop, bringing together a brains trust of leaders across sectors, to begin to rethink the future of Ageing Well in Australia using applied systems thinking.

(Grant: Phase 1 – $25,000 in partnership with Equity Trustees)