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The Arcare Family Foundation encourages and supports innovations that give all Australians the opportunity to age well, envisioning a community where older people are valued, supported, and thriving.
Through grants, the foundation’s aim is to enhance the health and wellbeing of older Australians though supporting innovative ideas and solutions, from charitable organisations and research institutions.

Explore our latest support and grants

Grant $25,000
Location National
Gather My Crew
During tough times (such as illness, accident, sudden death, divorce, drought, natural disaster) there can be a breakdown between those in need and the people in their network who are able to ‘lend a hand’.
Grant $25,000
Location NSW
Centre for Social Impact, University of NSW
With the number of Australians over the age of 65 expected to more than double by 2055, Royal Commission issues, challenges understanding what’s working for who and when, we need to determine the levers for change and collectively work to support positive ageing and aged care.
Grant $30,000
Location National
The Summer Foundation
The Housing Hub – ( – THH) is a website dedicated to supporting people with a disability to find a home they would like to live in and providing a place for housing providers to list properties. It addresses a huge gap in the market with mainstream housing search platforms providing very little information on accessibility features.
Grant $20,000
Location NSW, VIC
Bushfire Relief Grants
In response to the devasting bushfires across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland in January 2020 the Arcare Family Foundation provided three grants totaling $60,000 to support recovery for local communities, farmers, and wildlife.
Grant $20,000
Location QLD, VIC
FareShare rescues food that would otherwise go to waste and cooks it into free nutritious meals for people in need. An estimated five million Australians experienced food insecurity last year while food waste costs our economy an estimated $20 billion. FareShare tackles the tragedy head on by rescuing surplus, quality food from supermarkets, wholesalers, farmers and other businesses and cooking it into nutritious meals.
Grant $20,000
Location NSW
Oz Harvest is a national food rescue organisation, collecting quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivering it directly to more than 1300 charities supporting people in need across the country.

We provide grants to organisations who support
and encourage innovation in ageing

Why is the Foundation focused on supporting optimal ageing?

Everyone in Australia should be given the opportunity to age well and live in a community where they are valued and can live a full life. This is what drives the Arcare Family Foundation to continually enhance the lives of those in our society who need it.
This is achieved by partnering with likeminded organisations and awarding grants to help fund their great work, from research and innovation to education and disaster response.
Proudly supported by Arcare 5-star aged care, the foundation is strongly aligned with the core values that make Arcare the innovative and community centric aged care provider it is today.

These values that inspire the foundation are:

  • Relationships Fostering open and respectful relationships is the most important thing that we do
  • Uniqueness Through sharing our stories and ourselves we can recognise and celebrate the uniqueness of every person
  • Partnerships We commit to listening to each other, sharing information, and respecting one another’s choices
  • Flexibility We commit to nurturing people, new ideas and personal growth by remaining flexible and open to possibilities

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