Sharing Stories to reduce harmful gambling in Victoria and New South Wales (focus on older Australians) $70,000

The Alliance is a national advocacy organisation which works to prevent and minimize the harm from gambling. They bring together over 60 organisations who share the objectives of preventing harm from gambling. The Alliance provides coordination, expert advice and practical resources to their supporter organisations, community groups and media. The Champions for Change program offers people with a lived experience of the impact of gambling a chance to belong to a community working together to minimize harm. This project supports older people in Victoria and NSW to connect and educate each other by sharing their experiences of gambling harm and finding alternatives for socialising and connection.

Gambling has a bigger impact on older people than any other age group. It is also highly stigmatised, with gamblers going to extremes to hide the extent of the problem. Drawing on lessons learnt from their pilot program, the Alliance will support people to give them the confidence and skills needed to speak about their experience of harm from gambling in ways that de-stigmatise the issue, in turn enabling other older Australians to reach out and seek help. In this way the program helps facilitate older Australians to seek help when gambling becomes harmful and supports a public health approach to prevent gambling harm.

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