More than ten years ago, a group of local community members (now known as Romsey Ecotherapy Park Inc – REP) came together with a vision to transform a derelict historic school site into a regionally significant special place to enhance health and wellness in nature for all ages and all abilities.

The Sensory Therapeutic Space (featuring sensory gardens, permanent art installations including kinetic and sound sculpture elements, ephemeral billabong, sand play and a water feature) will be a valuable nature-based resource for the elderly, those recovering from illness or those merely wanting respite from daily life.

Chimes have a special place in garden design, one that is deeply felt in Asian cultures. The Harmonic Bell Tree brings this healing experience to Romsey. The 1.6m tall Harmonic Bell Tree features three parabolic harmonic bells in golden bronze standing one above the other on a galvanized steel post like a strangely beautiful abstract tree.