Averto Digital App (Grant: $40,000)

In 2014-15, 27% of home care recipients aged 70 and over were from a culturally and linguistically diverse background. For those who do not have proficient English, care may not be equitable as it cannot always be provided by people who speak the same language.

As the use of interpreters is not always possible, translation technology has been identified as a potential way to improve basic communication, social connection and quality of life.

As no existing technology has been specifically designed for older people, including those with dementia, NARI has designed a digital app with and for older people receiving home care in the community. This app is Averto. Using an easy to use platform specifically tailored to the needs of older people, the app is available in five languages and features:

    • Pre-populated information with pictures and response options
    • Real time voice-to-voice translation
    • Traffic light system to indicate accuracy of translation


This grant provides support to NARI to adapt the tablet-based language translation app (AVERTO) to enable people with low English proficiency living in residential aged care to better communicate with carers who don’t speak the same language. Grant: ($40,000)