Digital Story Project (VIC) (Grant: 26,776)

The primary purpose of The Digital Story Project is to improve the quality of lives of aged care residents, by helping them feel valued and validated and by providing companionship. Additionally, the project advances the education of the volunteer students by providing firsthand experience working in an aged care facility. It also provides a valuable service for facility staff that enhances their knowledge of the residents.

It portrays the residents’ identity within a short digital video. Then, by sharing this story with facility staff, it heightens the appreciation of the resident’s individuality. Such appreciation allows for residents to be supported and cared for in a manner that is more consistent with their values and preferences. The project also provides both the older adult and younger student opportunities for intergenerational contact.

The volunteer students are studying psychology, counseling, social work, and nursing at Swinburne and will gain considerable experience and appreciation of working in aged care.

Such experience will be a valuable adjunct to their study and help to pave the way for a more

informed health care workforce in the future. The students attend weekly classes and supervision in aged care for the duration of the project. Here is a sample story:

(Grant: $26,776)